21.2. Machine learning meetup - Text understanding with artificial neural networks


Text understanding recently became one of popular benchmarks for artificial intelligence, since answering a question using a paragraph of text often requires non-trivial reasoning.

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In this talk, we will show our text understanding model based on neural networks, the Attention-Sum Reader, that performs well on several text understanding datasets. We will also present the BookTest dataset that is orders of magnitude larger than previous cloze-style text understanding datasets. The BookTest allows us to explore how far we can push the performance of a model by simply adding more data. In the last part of our talk, we explore whether the model learns any generalizable high-level reasoning skills (spoiler: the results were rather grim).

Speaker: Ondřej Bajgar - https://www.linkedin.com/in/obajgar/

- 18:00 The talk
- 20:00 Networking